Restaurant Survival Guide

Restaurant Survival Guide with Baby in 7 Essential Tips


Going to the restaurant with baby , sweet utopia or real possibility? Do you also know the growing concern , which rises, at the idea of ​​accepting a meal in a restaurant with a young child ?

Let’s be honest, choosing to go to a restaurant with a baby or a toddler is not always a piece of cake…

Perhaps you dread these dinners or lunches away from home , either out of fear of your child’s likely behavior or from previous unfortunate experience? I understand you, I lived it.

I see you in front of your phone, faced with this message that you have just received: “Friday evening, restaurant at Bon Petit Plat for 7:30 p.m., is that ok for you? With the kids, it’s going to be great!

Sweaty palms, rapid breathing and a tsunami in your head. Like when mother-in-law asks you if you like the flashy pink cardigan she knitted for baby.

A restaurant with baby ? Ouch… It’s complicated, isn’t it?

Going to the restaurant with your toddler will be more or less simple depending on the baby’s age , above all.

There is a dark period to go through. The one where baby begins to take pleasure in crawling/walking… Until he is able to occupy himself calmly without moving too much from his seat.

During this time, baby’s reactions are unpredictable . And above all, you can’t force your baby to be patient and stay well behaved in his high chair.

How to make a restaurant with baby a pleasant moment?

If your baby is 0 to 6 months old, rest assured: the restaurant outing with baby should go wonderfully! Enjoy! If you are in the 6 to 12 month phase: above all, think about putting the activity package in to keep baby busy and everything should be fine!

You have understood it, it is really when baby starts to trudge that the following survival guide will be essential for you!

It all depends on the pace and character of your child. As a matter of fact, it is you – as a parent – ​​who knows the rhythm of your little one best.

If you know that in the evening, at 7 p.m. he already rubs his eyes… Perhaps it will be better to choose to go to a restaurant for lunch!

On the other hand, if your baby swears only by the 1 p.m. nap then … Prefer the restaurant in the evening . Without either choosing the 10 p.m. service, of course.

Anticipate before dinner with baby

Do you want to know one of the ultimate secrets of a restaurant meal with baby that goes smoothly?

I give it to you in thousand, it is once again a question of anticipating .

When I talk about anticipating, I’m mainly talking about making sure that baby is well rested… So that he lasts longer – midday or evening – and is able not to be tired.

You know as much as I do, a tired baby can’t stand anything . Or almost nothing. The slightest annoyance becomes a nuclear catastrophe.

  • I’m just exaggerating.
  • In summary: baby rested = storm averted!
  • Preferably, also make sure that the baby is in a good mood :
  • clean diaper
  • serene, relaxed baby
  • not upset about travel time
  • with the appetite which begins to come but not a hunger of wolf either…
  • In short, what parental common sense in short!

Choose a “kids-friendly” restaurant

What is a kids-friendly restaurant ?

As you will have understood, this is a restaurant suitable for children or in any case which accepts children and their need for movement… Among other things.In a kids-friendly restaurant, you will have:

Failing to be in a kids-friendly place, opt at least for a place where the service is not too long . Children will not tolerate without getting annoyed a place where the service takes 45 minutes between each course.🍝

Keep in mind that the notion of time is increased tenfold in our little ones!

Plan activities for baby

This is your ultimate weapon to calm baby down if he thinks the waiting time at the table is too long.

Be realistic: as soon as baby has eaten, the waiting time in his chair already seems too long. Super Mom Faith

Use a travel booster seat at the restaurant (rather than the high chair)

Depending on baby’s age, he may be more comfortable on a booster seat than on a high chair. It may therefore be wise to invest in a travel booster seat like this one:

It attaches very simply to any chair thanks to its straps on the seat and backrest.

Thanks to the booster seat, baby remains present at the table with you, which integrates him more and tends to make him calmer!

Days when baby didn’t want to sleep before arriving at the restaurant. Or simply, baby will have no patience.

It’s then up to you as a parent to just manage as best you can.

I therefore suggest that you take turns between adults to occupy the children outside the table . Or in any case to accompany them on their current activities:

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