Lunch at the office

Lunch at the office or at the restaurant? Which solution to choose?


Surely you have already wondered which is better: having lunch outside and relaxing with colleagues, or having lunch at the office. What will be the impact of your choice on your health and your social relations? Eating within the company would be beneficial for concentration. What is it really ? We present the advantages and disadvantages of these two practices for the everyday lunch break.

What are the benefits of having lunch at your workplace?

Lunch at the office mostly consists of eating a meal that you prepare every day at home. Cooking at home and then taking your dish to your workplace has many advantages. You buy the ingredients you use in your recipes yourself and know where they come from. You know exactly how much fat or sugar you are cooking with. By doing this, you can balance your menus every day. All these tips and practices allow you to take maximum care of your health.

You save money by bringing home a meal

Lunch at the office by bringing a dish that you have prepared yourself is more economical than paying for a meal outside (restaurant, bakery, etc.). Indeed, when you eat at a restaurant, not only do you pay for the ingredients on your plate, but the amount and value of your meal also include the charges that the establishment. The rent of the premises, the various impositions, the costs and conditions of personnel, all this is passed on to the bill. By cooking at home, you can save on the cost of your ingredients. This is the case if you take advantage of promotions to buy in large quantities, for example. Also, when you cook at home, you can cook more food at one time. You can make it several meals for the week or freeze it and use it later. Using this method allows you to save on the energy bill every month.

You don’t waste time looking for your lunch

Lunch at the office allows, if necessary, to take a shorter break than if you go to lunch outside. Reheating a dish in the microwave and eating it in 30 minutes is entirely possible. You can also benefit from the canteen or the company restaurant, this saves you wasting time on the journey to the restaurant.

You will easily find a meal adapted to your diet

For employees who follow a special diet, lunch at the office allows them to bring a suitable dish and to benefit from food in accordance with their diet. If you eat without salt, for example, it will be difficult for you to find an establishment outside that offers you adequate menus. Similarly, vegan meals are not yet available everywhere.

What are the disadvantages of having lunch at the office?

By choosing not to take a break and eat in front of your computer, you must be aware that this solution makes you fat. You are generally looking for a meal that is convenient and easy to eat. The sandwich is in this case widely acclaimed and often swallowed in 5 or 10 minutes. Thus digestion is not carried out correctly, which promotes obesity and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, by eating quickly, we tend to be hungry in the afternoon, which causes snacking every day. This option must therefore remain an exceptional solution in the month if you want to stay in good health.

If you prefer to eat in the canteen or the company canteen, don’t forget to get some air from time to time. Without it, you can’t take a break, which is counterproductive over the year. Indeed, the human brain needs regular downtime to maintain constant efficiency.

If you choose to eat in the office, the conditions are not ideal and you may find yourself in contact with germs from computer keyboards without realizing it. Some bacteria can find their way into your food and accidentally ingest it.

If you eat lunch alone too often in the office, you will inevitably see your colleagues less. This will eventually lead to a reduction in your social activity within the company. Participating in lunches with them allows you to decompress by talking about everything and nothing. It can also be used to discuss the latest company decisions and to strengthen team spirit.

What are the benefits of eating out of the office?

Taking a meal break outside helps reduce the stress of work-related exercises and also increases your productivity in the afternoon. This moment of relaxation promotes concentration and efficiency for the second part of the day.

Having lunch outside allows you to maintain a social and friendly bond with your co-workers. When you eat your meals all together, you are no longer quite in the conditions of the corporate world. This is the perfect opportunity to take an interest in the personal lives of your colleagues, which creates friendly bonds.

You have the opportunity to discover new flavors

Another advantage of eating out is that you are entitled to a varied choice of meals close to the place of business. This solution is perfect for fans of world cuisine and particularly promotes the use of your Ticket Restaurant card. It’s a good solution if you simply want to treat yourself by having a wide choice of meals available. Lunch outside allows you to eat a more elaborate dish than if you cook yourself.

What are the disadvantages of eating out?

While having lunch outside, one can be tempted by unbalanced dishes. It can become problematic for your health if these feeding conditions are repeated too often. But it is also not easy to manage the calculation of the number of calories ingested if you are on a diet. Deviations are almost inevitable.

You are constrained by the lunch break time

Lunch outside can impact the return to work. The right to lose track of time is not allowed to you, nor to return to your post late. The recommended break time is ideally at least 45 minutes. But if the service is a little slow, you will have to watch your watch.

In summary, both meals have pros and cons. To take care of your health every day, you will favor the meal at the office, which allows you to know exactly what you are eating, especially if you are on a diet and have prepared your meal yourself. . To have a good time with colleagues, lunch outside is an opportunity to strengthen social ties and team spirit in the company

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