Best travel medical insurance plans of 2024

Best travel medical insurance plans of 2024


2024 is the year of travelling, whether it is for business, leisure, or education. This means that more people are expected to travel abroad this year than ever before. Although with the increased accessibility and globalisation of travel, the world is your stage, there are still some concerns that need to be addressed and mitigated to travel in peace.

Whether it is getting into an accident or perhaps getting sick from contaminated water, or maybe a local street dish just doesn’t sit right with your stomach. With the right travel medical insurance, you can travel anywhere that is covered with confidence that you will be able to get quality treatment for it and travel with confidence.

Here is all you need to know about the best travel medical insurance plans of 2024.

What is travel medical insurance?

Travel medical insurance is a risk management tool that is specially designed to cover international travellers from unexpected medical expenses borne due to certain risks. This includes in-patient treatment, emergency ambulance coverage, medical evacuation coverage, etc. However, some insurers also provide out-patient medical treatment and accident coverage depending on the specific policy opted for.

Although these travel insurance plans specifically cover medical expenses, travellers can also opt for a more comprehensive travel insurance plan for other non-medical risks such as loss of checked-in baggage, missed connection, trip cancellation, and more.

Who are the top providers of travel insurance plans in India?

Several insurers in India offer comprehensive travel health insurance policies for their customers. However while several of these policies are similar in terms of the coverages offered, they might differ in terms of availability, convenience, extent of coverage, sum assured, reliability, and need.

Here are some of the top travel insurance providers in India:

1.  Niva Bupa-

Niva Bupa is one of the leading providers of travel insurance in India. With its TravelAssure policy, Niva Bupa ensures the utmost convenience and peace of mind with its flagship international travel insurance policy which covers more than 190 destinations around the world.

2.  Tata AIG-

Tata AIG is also one of the leading insurers in India and comes from the house of Tata. Their Travel Guard is also a great option for travellers due to its coverage.


HDFC ERGO is another reputed insurance provider that provides travel insurance to its customers. Its policy is comprehensive and covers numerous destinations.

Comparing the top medical insurance plans of 2024

1.  Niva Bupa TravelAssure-

Niva Bupa’s TravelAssure is a flagship comprehensive health insurance policy with three plans of varying scope and extent of coverage. With over 190 destinations and dozens of risks covered, Niva Bupa’s policy is a must-have when travelling abroad. The policy has a sum assured of up to $ 500,000.

2.  Niva Bupa Aspire-

If you do not want a comprehensive travel insurance policy and just wish to purchase a health insurance policy that covers foreign travel, then consider Niva Bupa’s Aspire policy. The policy with its borderless coverage allows policyholders to travel the world without worrying about any unexpected medical expenses.

3.  Tata AIG Travel Guard-

Tata AIG’s Travel Guard is a comprehensive travel insurance policy that also covers numerous risks from varying destinations around the world. Travel Guard is known for its convenient claims process and domestic travel policies.


HDFC ERGO’s travel policy is also renowned for its convenience and extent of coverage. Its policies are known for the premium being payable on a per-day basis. The policy has a sum assured of up to $1,000,000.


These are some of the best travel medical insurance plans in India which enable travellers to explore the world with confidence and peace of mind without working about the hidden or unexpected risks that one might encounter. With the right travel insurance policy for your needs, you can travel without fear or anxiety, and rest assured that you and your loved ones have a safety net to protect you.

So get the right insurance and make the world your garden.

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