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5 Outdoor Activities That Are Helping People Get In Shape


There are a number of reasons why outdoor activities are frequently celebrated. For some, it is the community that is built around each adventure, with individuals forming groups based on a shared interest. For others, it is the respite that is offered when engaging in an activity and getting closer to nature. For a great many, however, the pursuit of outdoor activities is driven by personal fitness.

Outdoor activities offer a number of physical health benefits and, depending on the type of fitness regime you wish to pursue, some can even suitably replace the type of workout sought at a gym. So, if you’re looking to swap the internal environment of a workout space for the forests, beaches, and wild landscapes of your local area, then here are five outdoor activities many are using to get into shape.


A physically intense activity, climbing is certain to help build upper body strength while also improving heart health and even benefit brain activity. While some are deterred by the potential for heights, many are engaged and endeared by the opportunity climbing offers to overcome amazing natural landscapes and personal goals. Climbing is also a social activity, encouraging individuals to explore the landscape together for both safety and enjoyment.


A conversely low-impact workout is swimming. This easily accessible form of exercise is fascinating in a number of ways and is largely valued by those looking for a full-body workout that can be enjoyed year-round and with little investment cost.

Swimming is open to individuals and groups in a number of ways, in the form of beaches, rivers, and lakes, as well as swimming holes, all of which offer a unique experience to enjoy. And, for those brave enough, there is the growing cold water swimming community to join too.


Surfing might be Australia’s most celebrated watersport but stand-up paddleboarding is certainly catching up in popularity. A large part of why SUP has become so very popular so quickly is due to its accessibility, with many testifying to how easy it is to begin exploring the water.

From a fitness perspective, paddleboarding offers a number of benefits, including developing core muscles and upper body strength, especially when paddling on more challenging waters.


Like swimming, running is a gateway activity for many due to its simple entry; one needs only a pair of suitable shoes to begin picking up the pace. However, running is also celebrated for its brilliant impact on the body, offering an exciting way to build up ability, improve circulation, and lose weight, all while consistently challenging oneself to go further, and faster.


Many of the benefits of running are shared with cycling. However, cycling is a low-impact activity, meaning that individuals are able to enjoy their workout with the concern that their joints, especially knees, are at significant risk.

Others will find cycling the most suitable activity for their workout as it is one that can easily be incorporated into regimes, such as by becoming a mode of transportation for a commute.

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