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Features of a luxury hotel


In the hotel industry, whether it is a simple inn or a luxury hotel, quality is an essential criterion for the good reputation of your establishment. This requires the involvement of all hotel staff, from the manager of the establishment to the receptionist and down to the simple trainee, in the verification of hygiene, comfort and safety procedures.

For an establishment to acquire the qualification of luxury hotel, it is imperative to fulfill certain conditions. Indeed, in addition to the basic requirements, the establishment will have to meet the expectations of customers and satisfy each of their needs. The quality of the hotel must therefore be complemented by optimal services and very specific criteria to benefit from the designation of luxury hotel.

Quality of service in the hotel industry

A hotel service is said to be of quality when it succeeds in combining the quality defined by a set of criteria and standards, and that perceived by the customer (the customer’s personal impression of the services offered).

However, it mostly stems from customer satisfaction. The primary objective of any hotel establishment is to work to satisfy its customers. The latter will have to put everything in place to meet their expectations and prove his professionalism. Here are some criteria that determine the quality of a hotel and its service:

  • Reliability: the staff is competent and carries out its tasks with professionalism
  • Tangibility: the permanent availability of staff and their interaction with customers
  • Speed: hotel services must be performed within the deadlines desired by the customer
  • Safety: the service must not represent any danger and guarantee total safety
  • Courtesy: staff must be respectful and friendly towards customers
  • Accessibility: the service must be accessible at all times without any difficulty
  • Communication: the customer must be informed of all the benefits and services available, in simple and understandable language

The quality approach in the hotel industry

Hotel quality is a constantly evolving process whose objective is to achieve customer loyalty. This implies the implementation of a hotel quality approach, which aims to establish continuous improvements in the hotel management process. This requires the adoption of relevant, effective and continuously improving management systems. An example is the use of hotel management software .

This approach also involves putting into practice a set of concepts and procedures to control the quality of the establishment and increase its productivity. This concerns the various functions of the hotel, including:

  • Sales and production
  • Communication and marketing
  • Human resources
  • The logistics of the establishment

To do this, several sources of information can be used by the hotel manager. For example, satisfaction questionnaires, trend monitoring, analysis of past customer reviews, complaints handling, etc. In order to help in this process of hotel quality, here are the best hotel management software .

Characteristics of a luxury hotel

A luxury hotel must meet certain fairly strict criteria. Indeed, this qualification is not easy to obtain and those in charge of the establishment must work to offer very specific services of superior quality. Here are the three main criteria of a luxury hotel:

1) Attractive frame and quality features

The first thing that matters in a hotel is the setting in which it is located. It is imperative that it is attractive and pleasant, with many attractions around. The availability of a spa, an opera, a swimming pool or a casino adds to the notoriety of the hotel and thus, makes it possible to attract more customers.

The interior decoration of the establishment must also be taken into account. Comfort, calm and luxury are necessary elements of any 5-star hotel.

2) Very specific equipment

A luxury hotel or a palace must have at least six rooms. The area of ​​a single room must be at least 20 m² and 24 m² for a double room. In addition, it is imperative that each room has a bathroom (with bath and shower) as well as a private toilet. The availability of these elements is also mandatory:

3) Services available

The customer service of a luxury hotel must be reachable at least 12 hours a day, if not 24 hours a day in order to be constantly attentive to customers. But this only if the establishment has less than 30 rooms. For a hotel with more than 30 rooms, the reception service must be available 24 hours a day.

Likewise, the reception service must be proficient in English in addition to a second language. Provisions and additional indications must also be implemented to guide people with reduced mobility. The availability of a dining room within the establishment is also necessary.

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