Luxury careers in the hotel

All you need to know about careers in the luxury hotel industry


Luxury careers in the hotel industry offer many opportunities for students dreaming of rubbing shoulders with the stars of the greatest hotels. What jobs in the luxury hotel industry? What studies to achieve this? We take stock.

Luxury hotels: what training?

Working in New York, Bora-Bora or even Tokyo seems unthinkable to you? And if the luxury hotel industry allowed you to realize your dream of working abroad  ?

From CAP to bac+5 , training in the luxury hotel industry is varied and very similar to that of the traditional hotel industry . They differ according to your professional ambitions and your specialties . Note that this is still a professional course.

Over a period of 2 years, the CAP marketing and services in hotels, cafes , restaurants can be done in a vocational school or in a CFA . It allows you to discover the basic rules of the hotel world  : safety , hygiene , cleaning and maintenance techniques and the art of hospitality and communication . .

At the end of this training , it is possible to integrate the professional environment directly, but to work in the luxury hotel industry , it is recommended to continue your studies: BTS hotel business , bachelor in specialized school , initial or professional license at the university . This allows you to enrich your knowledge , develop your practical skills and specialize in a particular trade .

Finally, it is possible to go even further by integrating, for 2 years, a Master in Hospitality within hotel , luxury or even management schools . This master ( bac+5 level ) can give access to positions of responsibility.

At the same time, there are CQPs (professional qualification certificates) in the hotel industry  : receptionist , housekeeper , valet , housekeeper , etc. They do not require any particular level of study and offer the possibility of integrating the luxury hotel sector quickly.

Luxury training: how to choose?

To specialize in the luxury hotel industry , in addition to technical skills, you will have to stand out by developing soft skills . Openness to others, flexible hours or rigor are, in fact, the soft skills necessary to work in the hotel industry . You also need to be passionate , have a great sense of adaptation , listening and attention to detail to integrate the luxury sector .

In addition, fluency in English is essential and being fluent in other foreign languages ​​(Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, etc.) is a real asset.

3 qualities to develop to work in the luxury sector

From receptionist to property manager , via concierge , jobs in the luxury hotel industry are numerous and very varied.

First customer contact , luxury hotel receptionist for planning and reservations. He takes care of the reception and ensures the smooth running of the stay. A high quality of service is expected.

Only present in high-end luxury hotels , the concierge has the essential mission of making the stay of the customers unforgettable. Ready to respond to their slightest wishes, he may be called upon to reserve seats for an event, recommend local restaurants and make various purchases at any time of the day or night.

The luxury hotel manager has important responsibilities . He is responsible for the proper functioning of his establishment and the management of the teams. With customer satisfaction as its primary mission, it provides exclusive and high quality services. services .

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