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6 DIY tips for organizing a picnic


From spring to autumn, long live aperitif sessions and romantic bike rides! Among the little pleasures offered by the good weather, we of course remember the picnics  ! At the water’s edge, in the countryside or in the mountains, discover our DIY tips for organizing a picnic !

DIY to organize an outdoor picnic

After a long hike, for a child’s birthday , or simply because the weather is right, there are many reasons to organize a picnic outside . As you have understood, at Marie Claire Idées, every opportunity is good to draw our basket and our most beautiful tablecloth, but above all to make DIY ones! Because the ideas of tutorials to organize a picnic are numerous. From making a DIY tablecloth , to making a picnic kit , to creating outdoor games, There is something for every taste. In the kitchen, don’t hesitate to be creative too! You can simmer a few club sandwiches in original colors or pretty pies with seasonal vegetables to delight everyone. Picnics are moments of conviviality and sharing, of greed and discoveries that allow us to disconnect and escape. So for the magic to be complete, follow the guide and discover all our tips for organizing a picnic !

1. Choose suitable recipes

Preparing a picnic menu might seem easy, but it’s actually quite an art. First rule of thumb, avoid dishes in sauce, those that are difficult to transport or that need to be reheated. Indeed, the magic of the picnic is that there is no oven or microwave around. This does not necessarily mean that you should opt for simple cherry tomatoes, but you should stick to cold recipes that are easy to eat by hand or in paper plates, sitting on the floor.

2. Prepare homemade drinks

Going to the nearest convenience store to buy bad fruit juices at the last minute is out of the question! A good squeezed orange juice or homemade lemonade will be much more appreciated than an industrial drink. You can also have fun with  homemade flowery cocktails , with or without alcohol of course! If you like to go into detail, you can prepare your cocktails in attractive individual bottles , personalized and labeled. And of course, we don’t forget to bring water to hydrate under this blazing sun.

3. Choose the right tableware for your picnic

We advise you to leave your great-grandmother’s porcelain dishes still a little at the back of the cupboard! Instead, opt for  disposable cups and plates that you can customize with DIY . Unbreakable and light to carry, they will be perfect for organizing a picnic . You can very well opt for ceramic tableware, but in this case we advise you to take with you a picnic basket with a pretty  hand-sewn basket cover . And since we are very organized, we also think of the DIY pocket to store the dishes .

4. Don’t underestimate comfort

However, sitting on a micro plastic bag, or even on the floor, immediately has less charm.  For fans of luxury picnics, you can also  recycle wine crates to make recycled picnic tables  and take patchwork tea towel cushions to take a nap in the greatest of comforts!

5. Think about decoration

For your picnic to be perfectly Instagrammable , don’t skimp on the decor! Take advantage of the branches of a tree to hang  festive paper balls or fabric suspensions for a more bohemian effect. Surround yourself with greenery, flowers and seasonal fruits to commune with nature! On your tablecloth, you can have pretty DIY coasters so that they do not fall over at the slightest shake. At night, you can hang paper lanterns made from flowerpots or light garlands to bring some clarity to your picnic!

6. Organize activities for young and old

With a full belly and a wandering mind, it would be a shame to leave the place too quickly. There’s nothing sadder than packing up the last bite or being bored when planning a picnic . If some are followers of the siesta in the shade, others will prefer to take advantage of it to have fun with friends or family! DIY angling game, hand-sewn balloons , customized checkers game … And if you prefer to savor a moment alone, don’t forget to bring a customized notebook to write down all your thoughts and pretty ideas.

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