Soups in Dubai

4 Top-Class Spots to Try Soups in Dubai


Are you a soup lover and visiting Dubai for the very first time? Well, you are at the right place because in this city, you find a wide array of soups representing the taste of every corner of the world and honestly, trying them never brings any kind of massive burden on a pocket. Furthermore, you also come across the awesome fusion of local and foreign soups giving your taste-buds the superb taste and as it is the last phase of winter, so never miss a chance of trying hot soups in Dubai otherwise in a summer, you won’t enjoy it most.

Other than restaurants, you also find tasty soups on streets and since the evolution of Dubai’s foot streets, everyone can find items of his/her own interest and budget easily. In this blog, you are about to find the remarkable soup-spots in Dubai.

So evaluate each of following places and make a trip ideal.


Honestly, its soup is also very delicious like its amazing name and the ambience of this spot is very attractive making your experience of having a soup more memorable and you don’t find this spot expensive; thus, everyone prefers it and being always crowded indicates its fame in the town. While checking out menu, you also find the options of chicken and duck soups, so get the stunning taste of a quality soup. There are dozens of airlines when it comes to reservation but honestly, for a perfect experience, going with the airline called Etihad Airways is the sensible step and you can also make it affordable if you consider applying the Etihad offers, so take this right now.

2-Ibn Hamido Restaurant

With trying the exclusive varieties of soups, you also get familiar with the entire new taste of seafood cooked with both international and traditional methods. Furthermore, it also exists among the most affordable dining-places of Dubai; thus, other than foreign tourists, the foreign workers also pay a visit to it regularly.


The interesting element of this spot is that it offers the extensive range of soups inspired with both local and international method of making soups. Yes, the onion soup is the key specialty of this restaurant, so don’t wait further and note it down to visit while discovering the city. Furthermore, the ambience is super attractive turning it out into the right place for dinner and the pocket-friendly quality also makes it more impressive spot to go.

4-Wokyo Noodle Bar

Indeed, this is also the great pick when it comes to soups and the varieties are spiced-up with high-quality ingredients and the comfortable yet stylish seating boosts-up your experience, so visiting this affordable dining-place is also a vise step particularly while hunting tasty soups in the town. Other than soups, you also find it the right place for trying different noodles along with the meat dishes, so it is better to plan a perfect dinner there and make your visit fantastic.

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